Our Story

Founded in 2016, Skyward Arts is an independent game development studio in Vancouver, Canada.

We aspire to be the most community-involved game company in the world. We know it all starts with the player experience, and we know the community will eventually know better than we will. That’s why our creative talented team starts by releasing games that challenge the ordinary, and let the community drive it to extraordinary from there. We were established by a passionate gamers who believe community-first game development that will always result in awesome games.


We work for you.


The Skyward Manifesto

  • Community first, always
  • Player experience above all
  • Mod all the things
  • Never pay to win
  • Focus on publishing updates
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Small focused teams are unstoppable
  • Prefer consistent updates than large delayed updates
  • Experiment instead of argue
  • Focus on unique selling points


What does it mean?

  • Community polls (eg. NPC stories, item types, skins, etc). That are actually followed.
  • We don’t make contracted games. We make our own games.
  • Do our best to have built-in modding support, tools and documentation.
  • Start with a great game, and let the community drive it to amazing.